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Add some color to your sock drawer with Happy socks for your Happy feet .!

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Shop what we came across as a great option for Men who wear suits and want to spice up their closet collection. Suit supply has a large amount of great quality, bold and neutral tone suits to chose from for your Perfect fit. From their double breasted blazer, coordinated accessories and shoes, you can walk out with a full wardrobe for the season.

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It’s a difference between buying a tailored suit ( made especially for you ) and a store bought suit made from a various size chart. The fit and effect a suit is supposed to give isn’t going to be the same. Once you get your first tailored suit, you’ll never go back to a normal again!

Girl Talk with Jessica & Friends

             F u n   H a i r   C o l o r!   D o   o r   D o n ’ t ?!
Women are chameleons! We change everything about ourselves from outfits to boyfriends, and our hair color is no exception! There are safe traditional colors like blonde, black, and brunette, but what about lavender, green, or bright reds? Can we pull them off in our everyday lives or is it a fun trend? I asked a few style mavens their opinions! 
  • Tashina S., Baltimore, MD, says “I think red can be pulled off, depending on if it looks “natural” or not. Most of the time color is a no go in corporate settings unless you’re the boss and making the rules. I wish it was different. I so want to dye my hair some funky colors lol !
 Tashina: Facebook.com/tashina.scott.3
  • Andrea R., NYC, NY, says “I think it depends what type of corporate job. For instance lawyer, doctor, or engineer no I don’t think so. However, an advertising job, designer, or artist yes! 
Andrea: Instagram/Twitter @smallstack
  • Kenice P., Cache, Oklahoma, says “I think it’s in inappropriate if the color is not natural in corporate setting because it is distracting and unprofessional. If it is not corporate setting like working at a boutique or a restaurant it’s not that serious.”
Kenice:Twitter @mixedmodel12
Sounds like our style mavens all agree that fun hair color in a corporate setting is a DON’T! However, pops of fun color is a DO in the right setting and definitely something we want to try! Fun hair color is a great trend, but don’t permanently commit to a temporary trend. The great thing is that there are so many fantastic temporary hair color options! Try hair chalk or color spray for a fun, easy, temporary color. Ulta has a great hair chalk called Splat, which comes in 7 fun colors and it’s only $5.99! Rita Hazan, Katy Perry’s hair stylist has a line of color sprays called Pop Color for $18 each in 3 fun colors. So next time you’re headed on vacation or on a long weekend from work pop a little temporary color in and show off your style!
Shop the links:
Splat Color Chalk $5.99 item # 2253320
Rita Hazan Pop Color $18 

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Hair color options you can’t deny. Something as simple as changing your hair color can make a women feel brand new! You have a variety of options on how to approach the right color, talk about it with friends & think about it for a few days and if it keeps running across your mind, it’s the color for you!!!

"If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything."

- Iris Apfel

Things needed for Men to make it through the S/S:

- Bomber jacket ( stay away from the basic colors,try something different )

- Leather jacket is a MUST ( we suggest you go with www.prsvr.com )

- Nike Flyknit ( if you don’t own any by now you’re late and need to catch up ) 

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Shop the Burberry collection to find your versatile statement pieces for the S/S season . Yes, we’re getting closer to tossing out our puffy coats and skull-cap to the back of our closest and are pulling out those BOMB bomber jackets. 

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Shop with a personal stylist as we prepare you for those random moments that happen while you’re enjoying your summer fun . Be prepared with your own fashion survival kit of personalized looks . It’s shopping made easy and fun !